What’s Different About HVLP Spray Tanning?

Is HVLP spray tanning the right option for you? Read on!

If you’ve heard of HVLP spray tanning — but aren’t quite sure what it is or if it’s right for your business — read on. It might be perfect for you!
You need to know that it’s different from a traditional airbrush spray tan machine because it’s:

1. Faster
Since it stands for “High Volume Low Pressure”, you can expect HVLP spray tanning to be a whole lot more powerful than a regular airbrush spray tan machine. In fact, some experts compare using HVLP equipment to flipping a vacuum cleaner on “reverse” and using it to spray clients!
As a result, HVLP spray tanning solutions work a lot faster than their traditional counterparts. In fact, you can cover a client’s entire body in about five minutes (compared to about 20 for a regular airbrush spray tan machine). That means you can work with more clients, which means you can generate more profits!
The one downfall to all of that speed? An HVLP spray tan system isn’t for beginners. If you’re just getting started in the spray tan world, get your feet wet with a traditional airbrush spray tan machine first. Then, once you’ve mastered that, move onto HVLP. Because it’s so powerful, if you try to work with HVLP before you’re ready, you’ll wind up spraying more of your surroundings than your clients!

2. More detailed
If you use HVLP spray tanning equipment correctly, you’ll actually produce a very small amount of overspray. That’s because it sprays in a much more compact path than traditional airbrush spray tanning solutions do. As a result, you can create much finer details with HVLP equipment.
In order to help you create those finer details, HVLP guns come with a much tighter pistol grip than their traditional counterparts.

3. Louder
If you’re hoping for a quiet, serene salon environment, you’ll be hard-pressed to get it with HVLP spray tanning equipment. That’s because all of that extra power creates a whole lot of extra noise. In fact, if you think a traditional airbrush compressor is loud, you’ll be blown away by the noise that an HVLP compressor generates!
For some salons, that’s simply a problem they’re not willing to deal with. However, if you can come up with a way to muffle the noise (like moving the compressor to a spot that’s as far away from clients as possible), the benefits of having an HVLP spray tan system may be well worth it!

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