What is the difference between spray tanning and airbrush tanning?

Being in good shape is always a priority when summer is around the corner. You can work out in the gym or go for a swim to maintain your figure but how do you work on your tan? With the UV rays from the sun growing more and more dangerous and the rapid depletion of the ozone layer means that sunbathing is not as healthy as it used be and as a result many people are turning to sunless tanning to get that healthy tanned glow.

Spray tanning and airbrush tanning are two of the safer options that are available to achieve that tanned looking skin. So how do these two methods work and how effective are they?

Spray tanning
A spray tan can be done at a tanning salon or even by yourself at home using spray tan kits and spray tannig products that can be purchased from Artesian Tan.

What it does is change the color or pigment of the first layer of skin using spray tanning solutions that are sprayed on to the skin using a spray gun that is attached to an air compressor or a turbine motor.
The tan will last for up to a week and regular moisturizing will ensure a longer lasting tan.

Airbrush tanning
This also includes coloring the outer layer of the skin. Airbrush tanning should be done at a tanning salon where the professionals apply airbrush tanning solution using HVLP tanning equipment. This too will last for up to a week until the top layer of the skin or the dead skin peels away.

Both types of tanning use the same airbrush tanning solution which is DHA based. DHA is not a dye but an ingredient derived from sugar cane and therefore much safer to use than other chemicals. This acts by reacting with the natural amino acids in the top layer of your skin which results in the tanned looking skin.

Airbrush tanning done at a tanning salon will give you a better and even tan than a spray tan done at home or spray tanning booths which uses an automated machine to apply spray tanning solutions.

This is because the professional will carefully apply it to all parts of the body.
If you are wondering where to buy spray tan kits and other spray tanning products, Artesian Tan has a wide range of tanning products from tanning solutions and other tanning equipment including HVLP spray tanning equipment from various manufacturers at discount prices.

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