How to start a mobile spray tan business

With more and more people opting for sunless tanning as a result of the increased awareness about the dangers of sun tanning there is a rapid demand for the spray tanning business.

This has caused many spray tan businesses to open up; therefore for your mobile spray tan business to be successful you need to stay ahead of the rest of the competition and for this you will need to have good knowledge of spray tanning and FDA regulations as well as having good equipment and tanning products.

Having your own tanning salon can be costly because of all the overheads it involves; therefore having a mobile spray tan business< will give you many benefits. What are the things that should be done to start your very own tanning business? Get the knowledge: in order to provide a good service to your clients you need to know all the details about tanning, this will involve learning how to use the spray tan gun, about different skin types and what airbrush tan solution works best on each skin type, after all You do not want your clients going with streaks and uneven spots! You can undertake a course on spray tanning at which will give you a comprehensive training on all this which will include training DVD’s as well.

Register your business: you will have to register the business in accordance with the laws of the state and get the necessary permits and licenses. Obtaining the services of a lawyer will be helpful and will ensure that everything is done properly so that you will not face any problems later on.

Purchase the equipment: you will need to do your research before you buy the equipment. It will be helpful to first work out a budget on how much you can afford to spend on all the equipment to make the decisions easier and less complicated. You will need to select a light weight mobile spray tan machine as well as spray tan tent and airbrush tan solution.

At you can purchase the best quality spray tan machines as well a spray tan tent and airbrush tan solution including organic airbrush tan solution which can all be bought at wholesale prices and you will be offered free same day delivery for orders over $199.00. You can first order samples of the organic airbrush tan solution you intend to buy before ordering in bulk quantities.

Advertise: this will play a major role in the success of your business. Place advertisements in your local newspaper and handout flyers to make people aware of your business. will provide high quality posters and promotional material when you undertake a training program with them.

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