Have a tan all year round with spray tanning equipment

Having a tan all year irrespective of the season is possible with sunless tanning and what’s more it can be achieved without exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun which can cause cancer, sunburn and other health complications. The alternatives like sunbeds and tanning booths have shown to have similar effects.

This is where spray tan equipment has become very popular since they provide a golden tan with no side effects and without any difficulty. Spray tanning includes the use of spray tanning solutions to give color.

The active ingredient in many of them is Di-Hydroxy-Acetone or DHA which is derived from sugarcane. It reacts with the amino acids in the skin to give it a deeper complexion. It only reacts with the top layer of the skin which will eventually peel off in 7 to 10 days.

There are no harmful chemicals or dyes used and you can achieve the beautiful tan without suffering from any side effects. You can also have it done from the comfort of your home with the right spray tan equipment purchased from Artesian Tan that sells a wide range of sunless tanning products.

When selecting spray tanning solutions it is important to select one that matches your skin type in order to achieve the best results. You also have the option of a range of organic tanning solutions.

Unlike sunbathing or tanning beds where it is difficult to get the exact shade you desire, spray tanning allows you to select the shade of the tan you require, the higher the percentage of DHA in the tanning solution the darker the tan and lower the DHA the lighter the tan.

If you prefer sun tanning, you will not be able to have a tan during the winter months but with spray tanning you can look your best all year.

Another safe sunless tanning solution is airbrush tanning. Airbrush tanning kits available from Artesian Tan will give you a smooth even finished tan. If you want to have your muscles defined and give a sculpted look to your body going to an airbrush tanning salon will give you the look.

Just like with spray tanning, airbrush tanning also uses the same type of tanning solution to get the tanned look thereby making it just as safe as spray tanning and it will last until the top layer of skin is peeled off.

Whether to use on yourself at home or to start up a business if you are on the lookout for airbrush tanning kits, Artesian Tan has products from several well-known brands to choose from.

Guest Post provided by Artesian Tan: With the choice of spray tan equipment available, the perfect tan can be achieved at home with no exposure to the sun.

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