Reasons why spray tanning is better for you

There is no need to spend endless hours under the sun or in tanning beds to get the bronzed glow; you can achieve a perfect tan in less than half an hour without exposing yourself to all the health hazards associated with sun tanning and the exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays including the high risk of contracting skin cancer and prematurely aging your skin as well as the possible damage it can cause to the eyes.

Spray tanning involves the use of spray tanning solutions which are applied with the use of a spray tanning gun. These solutions are mainly made of the component Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, which is a carbohydrate that is derived from glycerin or plants such as sugarcane or beets and is not harmful to your health as it is applied externally and only the top layer of your skin will be darkened as a result of a reaction between the components in the tanning solution and the skin.

A spray tan will give you an even tan all over your body without any streak marks. Unlike with sun tanning, spray tanning allows you to choose the shade of the tan you need since spray tanning solutions are available in different shades and you will not end up with pink or red skin which very fair complexioned people are prone to when sun tanning or using a tanning bed. A spray tan will last up to 2 weeks depending on the care you take before and after tanning. It is recommended that you moisturize the skin regularly after tanning to prevent the skin from drying which will fasten the exfoliation process.

With the right spray tanning products you can have the convenience of doing a spray tan at home within minutes. You need not spend hours looking for the right equipment and products, online stores like Artesian Tan will give you the choice of spray tanning kits and spray tanning solutions including a range of organic airbrush tanning solution to meet your needs, whether it is for home use or for use in a sunless tanning business.
Guest post provided by Artesian Tan: Look your best with the perfect bronzed glow and not worry about the possibility of skin cancer or the harm to your skin and your health in years to come. Sunless tanning is your solution.  Use organic spray tanning solutions for that perfect and even all over tan.

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