Foods to Eat on the Paleo Diet

Written by Paleo Forever

If you’re ready to get into the best shape of your life, the Paleo Diet is a great way to do it. Every day, more and more people wake up to the truth, which is that the Paleo Diet can help you lose weight, get stronger and even feel better and that it provides results almost immediately. While you may be attracted to the fact that you can eat all kinds of foods that were once forbidden, the following are some you should definitely focus on.

Start adding fish to your diet at least once a week, specifically salmon. This fish is high in essential fatty acids and is the definition of “brain food.” Plus, between butter and lemon, you have all kinds of options for making it taste amazing.

Begin eating more nuts too. Almonds are great choice as are walnuts. Brazil nuts are even better and will help male product greater amounts of testosterone. This powerful hormone is responsible for all kinds of positive health markets.

So long as it’s organic and you don’t have a bad reaction, it’s ok to indulge in butter too. in fact, many studies have shown that butter is actually good for your mental capacity and ability to think efficiently. Of course, butter is also great for making other options taste amazing.

You can’t forget the importance of green leafy vegetables either, so enjoy plentiful amounts of spinach as much as possible. After all, it ‘s not like you can ever eat too much of it.

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