What you need to know about spray tanning equipment

With the right equipment at hand achieving a tan which will look like you have spent hours on the beach sunbathing is possible with spray tanning and this will not accompany the harmful effects of over exposure to the sun. Knowing about the spray tanning equipment you need will help when choosing the right equipment to get the perfect even and natural looking tan.

Tanning spray guns
This is one of the most important airbrush spray tan equipment you will require. There are different types of tanning spray guns available in the market to meet the different needs of people.

These are operated by a turbo air compressor and some of them come with dual pressure regulators to make the application easier. Whether you are looking for a gun to use at home or one to use in the salon you have a wide range to select from at Artesian Tan.

Tanning solution
Sunless tanning solution has come a long way from the orange tinted ones used many years ago. Most of these are DHA based, DHA being the ingredient that reacts with the amino acids in the skin to give the skin a dark color. There are solutions that come with a bronzer to add extra glow to your newly tanned skin. At Artesian Tan you can take your pick of organic spray tanning solution which is a safer option than using a chemical based sunless tanning solution.

Even though a spray tanning solution is not organic it will not cause any harm because it is only applied to the top layer of the skin which is the layer of dead skin cells and will not penetrate deeper in to the lower levels of the skin thereby making this a safe method to achieve the perfect tan.

A tanning booth
It is necessary to have a separate space to spray the tanning solution to make sure that there is no mess created by the excess sunless tanning solution that is being sprayed. A portable pop up tent is the ideal solution for a mobile spray tanning business.

Other accessories
Apart from the main airbrush spray tan equipment required you will also need to have things like disposable bras and g strings to stick on soles to prevent sticky feet from the tanning solution. Another important item of spray tanning equipment you need to have is an airbrush cleaning kit to keep the tanning spray guns in good condition.

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