Buying guide for spray tan equipment

Depending on the size of the tanning salon there are few simple additional things to buy for operating tanning salon. The Internet has a wide variety of retailers where you can buy an airbrush spray tan machine to solutions you need at competitive prices. Here are few guidelines when considering to start a tanning salon or for supplies for continued operation of a business.

Buying an airbrush spray tan machine or a HVLP Turbine tan system is one of the best investments you can make for your business including tanning salons, spas, and hair salons that offer tanning. The actual physical size of your space and what service you offer determine what spray tan equipment to buy. Larger salon may need variety of spray tanning solution, tan extenders, primers, lotions, organic airbrush tanning solution, and self-tanners to successfully operate the business. A smaller beginning operation at least should have a spray gun.

Regardless of the size of the space, an area should be designated and prepped for spraying. A spray panel or a booth fitted with a filter system to capture excess spray is needed. Most clients are looking for other services such nail or hair styling. If you are planning to add these services, your salon or space should be big enough to provide additional services.

Let’s see what equipment to buy. An airbrush system not only used in tanning it also can be used in nails, makeup, and tattoos. You also need a compressor to hook up your airbrush. Keep in mind today’s compressors are small and easy to move around. HVLP Turbine tan system is more suited for a larger space, run quieter and easy to use than most airbrush spray tan machines. But smaller airbrush systems offer more control in spray and comes with speed adjusters. Visit Artesian Tan to compare and buy your equipment needs.

Well, what will these equipment cost? A smaller salon could spend up to $1,000 for equipment and a larger space may require up to $1,400. But do not forget to buy an extended warranty for your equipment. If properly used, most spray machines will last up to ten years. Go online and compare prices before buying any equipment. Artesian Tan is good place to buy all your spray tanning solution, equipment as wells as organic airbrush tanning solution.

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