Tanning tips for a novice

If you haven’t tried tanning salon before, check these tips before visiting one. Sunless tanning is a great way to get tanned quickly. You can walkout the tanning salon feeling confident and good about yourself.

1. Look for free or discounted introductory offers. Many new local tanning businesses or existing salons offer coupons for free introductory tanning offers to attract new customers. Some may even offer free eye wear or spray tanning products. Look for mailers or coupon on your local newspaper.

2. Next time when you visit your hair stylist ask whether they have special offers on tanning if they have tanning salon. Sometimes new tanning operations and well established businesses distribute invitations to hair stylists and similar businesses to free coupons. Ask your hair stylist for information. You may find good deal valid for several visits or a month.

3. Tanning lotions and spray tanning products. These could cost you more at the salon. These are safe chemicals that apply before the tanning process to help tan adhere to your skin and to allow for quick dry out. Search these products online at sites like www.artesiantan.com where you will be able buy at a discount than your tanning salon.

4. Prepare your skin before an airbrush tanning solution session. Your skin contains dead cells and they need to be removed before the tanning session in order to get a better tan. If you are using exfoliates on your skin, do it before your tanning session. If you are using salt to exfoliate, do it at lease 24-hours before the tanning session in order to allow your skin to heal. Visit www.artesiantan.com for your all tanning supply needs.

5. If you are using lotion after your shower, apply it very lightly before the tanning visit. This will keep your pores open allowing you to get a radiant tan.

6. What equipment to use. Tanning salons use either airbrush tanning solution or HVLP spray tanning. They both are good at doing a better job.

7. Don’t shower immediately after your spray tan. You need to allow time for the spray to adhere to your skin regardless whether it was applied using HVLP spray tanner or any other tanning spray guns or not. Minimum time before a shower is about six hours and but if possible allow 24-hours. With the first shower cosmetic bronze will wash out and DHA radiant glow will come out.

Tanning spray has been discussed as probably causing certain health risks but much more research into the subject is needed. Regardless, use common sense when using tanning spray guns including a mask to cover your mouth and an eye protector.

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