Tips for buying spray tanning equipment

When you are starting up your own tanning business it is important that you have the best tanning equipment in order to carry out a good job that will keep your clients happy. With the wide range of products available in the market, you need some help in deciding which airbrush tanning equipment< you should purchase. First of all you need to know all about the spray tanning equipment and airbrush tanning equipment you will need to purchase. For a spray tanning business you will have to have a spray tan gun, spray tan tent and spray tan solutions. Let’s look at the different types of spray tan equipment available for you to choose from:
Do your reading on the various brands offering the equipment you need to purchase.

Various brands offer different features in the products they offer and you will need to read a lot of reviews on these and shortlist the products that meet your requirements especially when you are buying an expensive item like an airbrush spray tan machine.

If you are looking at an airbrush spray tan machine you should take into consideration whether you are going operate from a stationary salon or whether you are going to go to your clients. You will need a lighter weigh spray tan machine if you are going to visit the clients.

A spray tanning tent is a must to have to avoid the mess that excess overspray solution will cause if sprayed all over. Tents with removable tops are now available to allow for an exhaust fan to remove the excess spray. A tent with a clear top will be helpful as this will give more light when tanning. Tents that will easily pop up and easily fold away will be convenient.

What type of tanning solution should you use?
Having the right spray tanning solution is very important as no one likes to have orange color skin. Tanning solutions are available in different levels and you should ideally have several levels to suit every client. Most tanning solutions are DHA based which is derived from sugar cane and therefore safer to use than using chemical based ones.

At you can find an organic airbrush tanning solution which your clients will prefer to use.
In addition to these you will also need items like disposable masks, disposable G-strings and bras and towels.

At you will find all the spray tanning equipment along with all the other necessary products including organic airbrush tanning solution.

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