Reasons why you should regularly change your heater filters

There have been instances where people have died while asleep in their rooms from carbon monoxide poisoning and many will be shocked to hear the cause behind the presence of the deadly gas in the house; a clogged heater filter. Overlooking the simple task of checking and changing your heater filter has ended in death and it can happen to you.
Hence the importance of making sure that before the start of every winter you check and make sure that the heaters are in good working condition and that the heater filters are replaced with 3M air filters to make sure your family stay warm and safe.

In addition to this, having clogged heater or air conditioner filter will circulate unclean air within the house since the air is forced through the dirt clogged filter which can result in people suffering from respiratory tract illnesses and especially affect persons who are prone to allergies.

A clean filter will trap all the dust and other allergens such as pollen, pet dander and any such irritant. Therefore if a member of your family has been regularly suffering from respiratory illness for apparent cause it is time to replace them with new 3M air filters which can be purchased online from Your Filter Connection.

Regular maintenance and replacement of filters can make a significant reduction in your energy bills as well. A clogged air filter requires the motor to force air through the layer of dirt unlike through a clean filter when there is no resistance. In order to maintain the necessary temperature the motor will be working a lot more often and therefore consume more electricity resulting in high bills. All it takes is the replacement of the air conditioner or hearer filter to reduce your high energy bills.

Your air conditioner will work better for a longer period of time with regular replacement of filters since there will be damage caused to the motor and other parts because of the excess work it has to do. Replacing the filter is far easier and a lot less expensive than having to replace the entire air conditioning system.
Guest post provided by Your Filter Connection: The simple task of replacing your air conditioner filter on a regular basis will give you many benefits from better health to lower energy costs.  Make sure to have a professional come over and check on the heating system at least once every year to make sure is working efficiently.

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