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Before and after care advice to get the best spray tan.

To get the best results from your spray tanning session it is advised that you follow these steps before and after getting the tan to ensure a smoother tan which will last longer: Before getting the spray tan: • Make sure to exfoliate your body at least 24 hours before applying the spray tan, especially […]

Reasons why spray tanning is better for you

There is no need to spend endless hours under the sun or in tanning beds to get the bronzed glow; you can achieve a perfect tan in less than half an hour without exposing yourself to all the health hazards associated with sun tanning and the exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays including the […]

Body spray tanning will give you the perfect glow

Everyone wants to have the healthy golden glow in their skin especially with the approach of summer and the anticipation of wearing the latest swim wear. But achieving that tan is not as straight forward as it used to be. The depletion of the ozone layer has increased the amount of harmful UV rays that […]

Have a tan all year round with spray tanning equipment

Having a tan all year irrespective of the season is possible with sunless tanning and what’s more it can be achieved without exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun which can cause cancer, sunburn and other health complications. The alternatives like sunbeds and tanning booths have shown to have similar effects. This is […]

How to start a mobile spray tan business

With more and more people opting for sunless tanning as a result of the increased awareness about the dangers of sun tanning there is a rapid demand for the spray tanning business. This has caused many spray tan businesses to open up; therefore for your mobile spray tan business to be successful you need to […]

What you need to know about spray tanning equipment

With the right equipment at hand achieving a tan which will look like you have spent hours on the beach sunbathing is possible with spray tanning and this will not accompany the harmful effects of over exposure to the sun. Knowing about the spray tanning equipment you need will help when choosing the right equipment […]

Tips for buying spray tanning equipment

When you are starting up your own tanning business it is important that you have the best tanning equipment in order to carry out a good job that will keep your clients happy. With the wide range of products available in the market, you need some help in deciding which airbrush tanning equipment< you should […]

What is the difference between spray tanning and airbrush tanning?

Being in good shape is always a priority when summer is around the corner. You can work out in the gym or go for a swim to maintain your figure but how do you work on your tan? With the UV rays from the sun growing more and more dangerous and the rapid depletion of […]

Tanning tips for a novice

If you haven’t tried tanning salon before, check these tips before visiting one. Sunless tanning is a great way to get tanned quickly. You can walkout the tanning salon feeling confident and good about yourself. 1. Look for free or discounted introductory offers. Many new local tanning businesses or existing salons offer coupons for free […]

Buying guide for spray tan equipment

Depending on the size of the tanning salon there are few simple additional things to buy for operating tanning salon. The Internet has a wide variety of retailers where you can buy an airbrush spray tan machine to solutions you need at competitive prices. Here are few guidelines when considering to start a tanning salon […]