FAQs about application of spray tanning solutions

How long will spray tan solution last?

The length of time of the spray tanning solution on your skin depends on many factors. The type application, your skin’s natural exfoliation cycle, and skin care products you use are important in determining how long the tan will last. It is not a secret that most common at home self-applications last for three to five days and professional applications in spas and tanning salons tend to last five to seven days. Each person’s natural exfoliation cycle could be different. The spray tanning solutions works on the top layer of your skin and as gets exfoliated, the radiant tan begins to fade away. This natural cycle may be taking place in four five days. Why salon applied spray tan solution last more than your home application? Because salon products contain more dihydroxyacetone commonly called DHA. Your daily moisture routine of skin is also important to maintain the tan as long as possible.

If you usually exfoliate your skin, do not do that immediately after your tan. Always keep your skin moisturized in order to keep the tan bit longer. You can buy all your spray tanning supplies at www.artesiantan.com.

Can I take a shower immediately after spray tan system?
The quick answer is “No.” Salon applied tan has more DHA in the solution and DHA takes approximately 16-hours to fully develop. The cosmetic bronzer that you see immediately after the application will wash away with the first shower and DHA bronzer will shine. So, best way to protect your skin applied tan is to wait till the next day to take a shower. If you need wash your body, wait at least six hours after the application. Even a day later shower your body only with water because soap can damage the effectiveness of DHA. Go to the salon or apply spray tan system after a shower when your skin contains fewer residues.

When can I exfoliate?

As we explain earlier, the best time to exfoliate is before you apply your spray tan system or visit a salon to get it done. Allow at least eight hours between body scrubs. If you are using salt to scrub your body, you may want to scrub your body at least 24 hours before your tanning session. You can purchase all your spray tanning supplies and get answers to most of your tanning questions at www.artesiantan.com.

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