What Kind of Spray Tanning Equipment Do You Need to Succeed?

Take a look around on any decent spray tanning equipment website, and you’ll be overwhelmed by all of the choices! So, how do you narrow down the selection – while still having plenty of variety to keep your customers happy?
Simple! Just make sure to always have these 3 types of spray tanning equipment on hand:

1. A powerful airbrush spray tan machine
The last thing your customers want is to feel like a trip to your salon is a waste of their time. So, you need a powerful airbrush spray tan machine that can get them in and out and back to their regularly-scheduled lives!
Just be careful that your airbrush spray tan machine isn’t TOO powerful, though. If you’re trying to “run before you can walk”, so to speak, you’ll wind up making mistakes. Or, you’ll wind up getting more tanning solution on the wall than on your customers’ skin!
Remember, the goal is to be completely professional from start to finish. It’s better to have a slightly-less powerful gun (and to spend an extra two minutes working) than it is to look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

2. Organic airbrush tanning solution
Even if they haven’t openly asked for it, your customers will really appreciate it if you can have them walking out of your salon without that strong chemical smell.
The only way to do it, though, is to use organic airbrush tanning solution!
Because it uses all-natural ingredients, organic airbrush tanning solution will be gentler on your customers’ noses and on their skin. In fact, it’s perfect for customers’ who have sensitive skin or allergies. By having it on hand, you’ll look like a more upscale salon – which is probably exactly the look that you’re going for!

3. Extras
By selling extras that your customers can use at home to extend the life of their tans – like pre-tan exfoliators or post-tan airbrush tanning lotion – you can make some extra money. (And, as an added benefit, a few tubes of airbrush tanning lotion won’t take up a ton of space if you’ve got a small salon.)
More importantly, these extras show your customers that you go above and beyond. Instead of just spraying people with solution and calling it a day, these extras show that you’ve taken the time to study your craft and look for ways to give your customers the very best finished product. That alone may convince them to come back!

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