Tanning Spray Guns — 5 Tips from the Experts

If you want to see the very best results from your tanning spray guns, just follow these 5 tips:

1.    Make sure your gun matches your expertise level
If you think all <a href=”http://www.artesiantan.com/Spray-Tanning-Marketing-Materials-s/44.htm”>tanning  spray guns</a> are the same — and all you have to do is just point and shoot — think again.  Different guns have different pressure levels.  They also produce different amounts of overspray.  So, before you buy one, figure out if it’s too much for your level of experience.  If it is, you’re going to wind up with some angry customers!

2.     Look at the spray pattern
Each tanning gun comes with its own spray pattern — which is a fancy way of saying that it sprays <strong>sunless tanning solution</strong> out over a specific area every time you pull the trigger.  The bigger your spray pattern, the more skin you can cover.  However, the bigger your spray pattern, the more overspray you’re going to wind up with.  The last thing you want is expensive <a href=”http://www.artesiantan.com/Airbrush-Tanning-Solution-s/18.htm”>organic  airbrush tanning solution</a> all over the wall because your gun came with an 18″ spray pattern!

3.     You can find a gun that fits perfectly into your budget
If you think that all of the good tanning spray guns are going to cost you an arm and a leg, think again.  There are <strong>spray tanning products</strong> — guns included — that can fit into any-sized budget.  That way, you don’t have to over-extend yourself just to get some much-needed equipment.

4.     Look for the right capacity
The best tanning spray guns will hold 2 ounces of solution.  That’s because most of your customers will need about 2 ounces of solution to cover their bodies.  By finding a gun with the right capacity, you won’t have to worry about refilling the gun in the middle of your session — meaning you’ll wind up working much more efficiently.

5.    Your spray tanning products matter, too
Even the best tanning spray guns can’t overcome subpar sunless tanning solution.  Think of it like making a cake — you may have the greatest oven in the world, but if your ingredients aren’t any good, your cake isn’t going to taste right.

That’s why you need to put just as much emphasis on the other spray tanning products you buy as the gun you buy.  For example, do you know what makes an organic airbrush tanning solution different?  Do you know what to look for in a bottle of sunless tanning solution?  Until you get the answers to these questions figured out, your gun won’t do you as much good.

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