Sunless Tanning Equipment — How to Find What’s Right for You

Sunless tanning equipment gives you the perfect way to look like you just walked in from the beach — without subjecting your skin to all of those dangerous UV rays.

But how do you pick the perfect spray tan kits?

Just follow these 4 tips:

1. Pick your spray tan kits based on how much time you’ve got

Some sunless tanning equipment only takes up a few minutes of your time, while some of the other stuff may keep you busy for a couple of hours. For example, some airbrush tanning lotion darkens over time — so if you want a deep, dark tan, you’re going to have to wait several hours before you hop in the shower. But with other spray tan kits, all you have to do is wait for the spray to dry before you shower.

2. Look for instant results

Some spray tan kits have to be used a couple of times before you’re able to get that perfect bronze color. Others, however, are specially-designed to give you the perfect color in just one application.

So, if you’re looking to take advantage of sunless tanning equipment right before that big night out, you’ll need a product that works instantly. Otherwise, your airbrush tanning lotion will be a complete waste of money — at least, for this special occasion!

3. Find a retailer that lets you pick how dark you want to be

Some spray tanning solutions are one-size-fits-all — even though everyone’s natural skin tone and personal tastes are different! That’s why you need to look for a retailer that offers a variety of spray tan kits. That way, if you want to be super-dark, there’s a special solution for that. Or, if you want to just give your fair skin a little boost, there’s a special solution for that, too.

Bottom line — the more variety you can get from your sunless tanning equipment, the lower your chances of looking “fake”!

4. Keep an eye peeled for expert advice

If you’re relatively new to spray tanning solutions, you owe it to yourself to look for tips and advice that can make your finished product look as fantastic as possible. For example, there might be a special exfoliator that can help your tan last longer, or a special way to clean your sunless tanning equipment so that it always gives you the most even spray. That way, you’ll always get a product that gives you the very best results!

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