Spray Tanning Training in 4 Easy Steps

While we certainly can’t sum up everything you need to know about the tanning business in one article, we can definitely highlight the big points. So, if you’re looking for a “cheat sheet” on how to succeed in the tanning world, read on! Your spray tanning training can begin by following these 4 steps:

1. Look for the very best retailer
Your clients are only going to look as good as your spray tanning supplies will allow. So, you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to your sunless tanning equipment. If you buy solution that isn’t top-quality or a gun that isn’t the very best, it will show right on your clients’ skin!
And guess what? If the results aren’t great, you’re going to wind up with NO clients!

2. Get a variety of spray tanning supplies
Your clients are going to come in a variety of skin tones, skin sensitivities, and preferences – so you certainly can’t use the same sunless tanning equipment on every single one of them! It’s your job to create a custom finish, not a cookie-cutter environment.
As a tanning salon owner, you’re no different than a hair salon owner. People will be coming to you to look and feel their very best (and to get pampered!). That means you’ve got to have everything on hand to meet their individual needs. So, you’ve got to have a wide variety of supplies on hand.

3. Invest in a spray tan tent
Whether you’re opening up your own shop or starting a mobile business, you need a spray tan tent. Remember, even the most accurate tanning gun is going to produce overflow. So, unless you want tan-streaked walls, you’re going to need something that can catch all of the excess solution. That’s what a spray tan tent is designed to do.
And luckily, you can get a spray tan tent that folds up. That way, if you’re pressed for space, you can tuck it away whenever you’re not using it. That makes it especially-perfect for mobile tanning businesses – where you have to fit everything in the trunk of your car!

4. Look for a retailer than provides detailed spray tanning training
Luckily, they do exist. That way, you can buy your products and keep up with your continuing education all in one place. After all, you run a busy tanning business. The last thing you have time to do is run all over the place looking for an expert team to train you and your staff!

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