Spray Tanning Solutions – What You Need to Know for Success

If you think spray tanning training begins and ends with learning how to use the gun, think again.

Your tanning business will never succeed unless you have the right solutions. After all, you want your customers to wind up being the correct shade, right?

That’s why your spray tanning training has to start with these 4 tanning solution tips:

1. Drying time isn’t equal
Some airbrush tanning equipment is specially-designed for customers in a hurry. You can spray it on, and in a matter of minutes, your customers can be on their way.

Other spray tanning solutions, however, aren’t that convenient. They may require hours of “setting” time before your customers can shower or even wear tight clothing. So, you’ll need a wide array of solutions on hand, so that every customer gets a solution that fits into their schedule.

2. Spray tanning solutions don’t have to smell
Some people avoid sunless tanning because they hate that unmistakable tanning smell. Luckily, though, there’s an easy way to lure those people into your shop…
…An organic airbrush tanning solution!

Because it’s made with all-natural ingredients, an organic airbrush tanning solution doesn’t have that chock-full-of-chemicals smell that drives some people crazy. Instead, it actually has a pleasant smell! That way, people can slather it on and not have to worry about getting headaches, aggravating allergies, or feeling stinky all in the name of getting a tan.

3. Keep an eye peeled for sensitive spray tanning solutions

Speaking of allergies, there is airbrush tanning equipment out there that’s geared for people with sensitive skin – even if you don’t go the organic route. It’s important to have on hand, because you never know what kind of skin issues a customer is going to come in with, and the last thing you want to do is irritate their skin!
So, do your customers a favor, and plan for every possible complication in advance. It will show that you truly care about their welfare.

4. Don’t stop at tanning solution
While the right solution is critical to your finished product, it certainly isn’t the only airbrush tanning equipment out there. Did you know there are other products you can buy that will actually extend the life of your tanning solution?

For example, using special exfoliators beforehand and special lotions afterwards will give your clients a better finished product – which means they’ll be much more likely to come back when their tans eventually do start to fade!

Want more expert advice? The team at Artesian Tan can give it to you!

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