Buying a Spray Tan System? Follow These 3 Tips

The quality of your spray tanning supplies depends on this advice!

If you’re headed onto the world wide web to buy a spray tan system, you can’t just click your mouse a few times and call it a day. Instead, you’ve got to do right by your business and follow these 3 tips:

1. Look at the ingredients
You can never be too careful when it comes to the ingredients in your spray tanning supplies. Whether it’s a minor ingredient that causes skin irritation or something that causes your customers to complain about the smell, you simply can’t afford for your customers to be unhappy in anyway.
And, if you want to market your business as a higher-end tanning salon, you’re going to have to be able to deal with all types of skin types. That means being able to handle sensitive skin, allergies, and the like. But you’ll never be able to do that successful if you don’t actually know what’s in your airbrush tanning lotion and other supplies!
A good tanning supply retailer will make it easy to find the ingredients in all of their products. And, they’ll draw special attention to important details — like boldly-stating that things are paraben-free, for example.

2. Check the skill level
If the spray tan system you’re buying includes a gun, you’ve got to check the skill level before you click “buy”. Otherwise, you may end up with something that’s far beyond what you’re used to.
For example, if you’re used to a regular tanning gun and you accidentally buy an HVLP gun, you may not be able to handle the added speed. As a result, you’ll likely wind up with more airbrush tanning solution on the walls than on your customers’ skin!
Remember, part of being a successful business owner is being seen as an expert in your industry. You can’t do that if your customers see your equipment controlling you, instead of vice versa.

3. Don’t skimp on accessories
All of your customers are different, which means that they’re all going to want different accessories. One may want an airbrush tanning lotion that also moisturizes her skin, while another may want to buy a separate tan-extending lotion that she can use at home. Or, you may have customers that want to buy special exfoliators that they can use before they come in, so that their skin is extra-ready to absorb your airbrush tanning solution.
Whatever their desires are, you had better be prepared to meet them. Otherwise, they’ll simply go elsewhere for their spray tanning supplies, and you’ll wind up out of business!

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