Body Spray Tanning — 3 Tips That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Want your body spray tanning business to take off? Follow this advice!

If you want to build a successful body spray tanning business, you can’t just buy a few solutions and call it a day. Instead, you need to learn everything you can about airbrush tanning systems, tools, and techniques.
Start by following these 3 tips!

1. Don’t skimp on your spray tanning products
Even if you have all of the talent in the world, it won’t show if you have less-than-stellar spray tanning products. It’s kind of like being a world-class painter and using cheap paint. No one will be able to admire your talent, because they’ll be too distracted by the cheap globs of paint dripping off your canvas!
So, be on the lookout for airbrush tanning kits that use the finest ingredients. And, make sure that your spray tanning products use ingredients that correspond to your customers’ specific skin types. So, if you have a customer that has sensitive skin or a particular allergy, make sure your products mesh perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll look like a “wannabe” instead of a “somebody”!

2. Get airbrush tanning systems that match your skill level
If you’re not a wizard with a tanning gun yet, that’s OK. There are plenty of guns out there that are specially-geared for beginners — and they’ll give your customers just as good of a finished product as the harder-to-use guns.
The worst thing you can do, though, is to buy airbrush tanning systems that go beyond your level of expertise. If, for example, you try to use a gun that’s too powerful, you’ll wind up with more body spray tanning solution on the wall than you do on your customer’s skin! Then, you’ll end up looking like a clown, instead of a professional.

3. Look for airbrush tanning kits that cover everything, from start to finish
Great airbrush tanning kits come with more than just a gun and some solution. Instead, they’ll anticipate that your customers want more out of the experience — which is why they’ll also offer special exfoliators and lotions. By providing these products, you can help your customers extend the life of their tans, which is something they’ll really appreciate!
Plus, by showing that you know enough about body spray tanning to know how to make a golden glow last longer, you’re proving that you’re a true expert in your field — which will encourage people to choose your business again, when their tans eventually do fade.

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