Answering Your Most Common Questions about Spray Tan Equipment

Got questions about spray tan equipment? We have answers!

Whether you’re brand new to the world of spray tan equipment or looking for ways to make your business better, you’ve probably got a lot of questions.
Here are answers to the 3 most common:

1. “Why do people love organic airbrush tanning solution so much?”
No matter how much your clients want a golden tan, the last thing people want to do is slather themselves in a bunch of chemicals. Luckily, organic airbrush tanning solution offers the best of both worlds — the deep color your clients want, but a bunch of all-natural ingredients.
One other perk to organic airbrush tanning solution? It doesn’t have that unmistakable tanning solution smell. After all, you can smell most tanning products from a mile away! The organic stuff, however, won’t make your nose crinkle. Some of it actually smells good!

2. “Why bother to sell airbrush tanning lotion?”
Your clients aren’t just looking for a salon that offers the best spray tan equipment. They also want your salon to offer the best experience from start to finish. That means having a tan that lasts longer than the “other guys”.
How do you give it to them?
With airbrush tanning lotion!
There are actually special lotions on the market that can help extend the life of your sunless tan. By offering them, your clients will really feel like they’re getting more bang for their buck. After all, they can just slather on some lotion and reduce the number of trips they take to the tanning salon. They’ll really appreciate you for it. And, the more they appreciate you, the more likely they will be to come back!

3. “Where can I go to get spray tanning training?”
You can’t just buy some spray tan equipment and start up a tanning business. You’ve got to get some spray tanning training if you want your salon to be a success.
Luckily, a good tanning retailer can give it to you!
In fact, the good spray tan retailers will offer everything from initial certification courses to continuing education. That way, whether you’re brand new to the industry or a veteran who’s looking to learn a few new things, you can get all of the spray tanning training you need!
And, as an added benefit, a good retailer will be happy to answer any questions you have out of the classroom, too. So, whenever you need some expert advice, they’ll be there!

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