5 Tips for Getting the Best Spray Tanning Products

If you want your customers to fall in love with your spray tanning products, you’ve got to do these 5 things.

When you run a tanning business, you are going to be judged on the spray tanning products you have. If they’re great, your customers will think of your business as great. If they’re not-so-great, your business will end up with a reputation that’s not-so-great.
So, how do you find the very best spray tanning products?

1. Ask questions
Whether you’re new to the tanning business or simply unfamiliar with a certain line of spray tanning products, a good retailer will be able to help. In fact, the best retailers even offer spray tanning training — so they’re used to answering questions!
Whatever you do, don’t buy any kind of airbrush tanning products without knowing exactly how they work and what kind of benefits they offer. After all, your customers will probably have questions about them, and you’ll look ridiculous if you don’t know the answers!

2. Get some additional training
If it’s been years since you were first certified, you might really benefit from some spray tanning training refresher courses. That way, you can learn all about the new products that have hit the scene and new techniques that may give your customers an even better experience.

3. Read the labels carefully
Different airbrush tanning solutions will come with different ingredients, so it’s vital that you understand exactly what’s in every bottle. That way, if you have a customer with certain allergies or sensitive skin, you’ll know exactly what kind of products to use.
Plus, knowing all about what goes into your airbrush tanning solutions gives you the power to sound like a legitimate expert when your customers have questions.

4. Remember the good stuff
Not all of the ingredients in airbrush tanning products are bad. In fact, some airbrush tanning solutions come with ingredients that are actually good for your skin — like antioxidants! By focusing on the good stuff, you can ease customers’ fears when they think they’re simply spraying chemicals all over their skin.

5. Think about “extras”
Buying spray tanning products means thinking about what your competitors have to offer — and one-upping them! After all, you’re running a business. Just like a business in any industry, you have to give people a reason to choose YOU.
In the spray tanning world, that means offering great pre-tan exfoliators and special tan-extending lotions. If you can make people feel like they’re getting more bang for your buck by buying your airbrush tanning products, they’ll keep doing business with you!

The team at Artesian Tan offers products, training, and expertise that your tanning business can’t live without!

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