If you’ve got the best spray tan equipment, it will give you the best answers to these 3 questions.

Want to know if you have the best spray tan equipment? Just ask yourself these 3 questions!

1. “Are my clients always pressed for time?”
Some spray tan solution requires people to sit around and wait for hours before they shower (or even put on any clothes that are even remotely tight!), while other solutions only have to sit for under an hour. Or, you can take it one step further and find a spray tanning solution that simply has to dry before your clients hop in the shower.
Bottom line — having the best spray tan equipment means having a variety on hand. That way, if you have a client come in who’s in a terrible hurry, you can use a solution on her that dries quickly. Or, if you have a client that has some time — and she’s desperate for a deep, dark tan — you’ll have a spray tan solution that she’ll have time to wait for. The last thing you want, though, is for your clients to feel like they’re wasting time because of your products!

2. “Am I winding up with too much overspray?”
Some overspray is inevitable. However, if your salon looks just as tan as your clients by the end of the day, you probably have the wrong airbrush spray tan machine!
Even if you go out and buy the best spray tan tent that money can buy, that doesn’t make up for the fact that you’re wasting all kinds of spray tanning solution — which means that you’re wasting all kinds of money!
If you can turn down the power on your airbrush spray tan machine, do so. After all, it may be a case of “trying to run before you can walk”. If you’re trying to use too much power before your skills are ready, you may not be able to handle it.
The best solution, however, may be to buy a lower-power gun. Sure, that means spending a little more money now (and feeling like you’ve wasted the money on that powerful gun, because you won’t be using it for awhile). However, the money you save on wasted solution will be well worth it!

3. “Are my clients coming back?”
If you know your technique is A-OK, this question will definitely tell you if you’ve got the best spray tan equipment! After all, if there’s nothing wrong with your technique, it’s GOT to be the equipment!
Whether it’s the gun or the spray tanning solution itself, something’s wrong. If you don’t want your business to completely go under, you’ve got to get your hands on the most professional equipment possible — and fast!

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