4 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Spray Tanning Products

Picking out the perfect <a href=”http://www.artesiantan.com/Norvell-Tan-Products-s/53.htm”>spray  tanning products</a> is a whole lot tougher than just picking out the right tanning solution.  To do it properly, you’ve got to have the right expertise and the right eye for details.
So, before you spend money on any <strong>spray tan equipment</strong>, follow these 4 tips:

1.     Get some spray tanning training
If you’re new to the spray tan world, even the best spray tanning products won’t do you any good if you don’t know what to do with them!  That’s why it’s important to get your hands on some expert <strong>spray tanning training</strong> material.

Luckily, you can learn everything you need to know from a good retailer.  In fact, some retailers will have DVD’s, one-on-one phone consultations, and even certification classes to get you up to speed!  By finding a retailer that offers all of this, you get to learn everything AND have a great resource for products when you’re ready to buy them.

2.     Don’t jump into HVLP spray tanning too soon
<a href=”http://www.artesiantan.com/MaxiMist-HVLP-Spray-Tan-Machines-s/101.htm”>HVLP  spray tanning</a> can give you even better results than traditional airbrushing — but it’s also a skill that’s a lot tougher to master.  The equipment is a whole lot more powerful that airbrushing equipment, so you really need to get a handle on the basics before you try HVLP.  After all, if you try to run before you can walk, you may end up with some angry customers who decide to walk!

3.     Don’t forget about the little stuff
When you’re compiling a list of must-have spray tanning products, it’s easy to remember the big stuff — like your gun and your solution.  But true tanning experts also remember the little things — like a gun holder, extra mixing cups, and a tune-up kit to keep your gun in perfect condition.

Remember, your customers’ final products will depend largely on how well you handle the little things!

4.     Think about your specific set-up
The spray tanning equipment you buy will depend on exactly where you plan on using it.  For example, if you start up a mobile tanning business, you won’t be able to drag a giant overspray booth with you.  Instead, you’ll need a special pop-up tent that can fit right in the trunk of your car.

Or, if you’re going to have your turbine right up next to your customers, be sure to get a special quiet version.   That way, your customers won’t have a harsh, jarring, motor sound as they get their tans!

The expert team at <a href=”http://www.artesiantan.com/”>Artesian Tan</a> has everything you need to give your customers a natural-looking, healthy glow!

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