4 Tips for Making the Most out of Your Spray Tan Equipment

You need more than just the right spray tan products; you also need the right expertise. Here’s how to get it.

Getting the right spray tanning products is one thing; making the most of your spray tan equipment is another. Offering great products is nothing without knowing how to make the most out of them.
So, how do you get the expertise you need to build the best tanning business possible?
Just follow these 4 tips:

1. Look for a retailer that offers spray tan training
It may seem strange to head to a store or a website looking for an education, but that’s exactly what the top retailers offer! After all, the good ones don’t just sell spray tanning products; they’re experts in their craft. They’ll be able to offer you everything from formal spray tan training classes, to DVD courses, to one-on-one phone consultations. That way, whether you’re a complete newbie or you just have a few key questions, you’ll be able to get the information you need!

2. Put HVLP spray tanning on the backburner
HVLP can be tantalizing. After all, it’s a lot faster than traditional spray tan equipment, so it gives you the power to see a lot more customers in a day (and make a whole lot more money!).
However, HVLP spray tanning isn’t for newbies. This equipment is a lot tougher to master than the other spray tan products you see out there. If you try to take on HVLP too soon, you’ll likely wind up making mistakes. The last thing you want is for those mistakes to ruin your business before you really get up and running!

3. Don’t assume that all spray tanning products are the same
Even if you’re using traditional airbrushing tools, the stuff you use with them (like tanning solution and lotion) isn’t one-size-fits-all. If you want your business to be successful, you need to have a wide variety of spray tan products on hand. That way, no matter who comes in, you can give them a finished product that looks fantastic!

4. Be thorough
You can’t start up a tanning business with just some basic spray tan equipment and call it a day. For example, you’ll need special tools to keep your tan gun clean. You’ll also need a way to prevent overspray from getting everywhere (like a pop-up tent or an actual booth). You’ll also need things like mixing cups, so that you can come up with a solution that’s just right for everyone.
If you think buying spray tanning products simply means buying a gun and some chemicals, think again!

The team at Artesian Tan has everything you need to start a spray tan business — from equipment to expertise!

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