4 Reasons to Opt for Organic Airbrush Tanning Solution

You’ll flip for organic airbrush tanning solution when you see all of the benefits it can bring!

OK, so you’ve heard that more and more retailers are starting to offer organic airbrush tanning solution. But why should you give up your tried-and-true solutions and go organic?
There are 4 great reasons:

1. It doesn’t stink
Let’s face it — traditional sunless tanning solution isn’t the best-smelling stuff in the world! In fact, some people shy away from sunless tanning specifically because they don’t want to smell like a sea of chemicals. (Can you believe they’d rather take their chances under all of those UV rays?!)
However, organic airbrush tanning solution doesn’t contain any of those yucky chemicals, so it doesn’t come with that same yucky smell. So, by offering it at your tanning salon, your business will instantly appeal to all of the people who don’t want to stink in exchange for getting a golden glow. That alone will set you way ahead of your competitors!
And, as an added benefit, you and your employees won’t have to sit around inhaling all of those chemicals all day long. You’ll all have better air to breathe, which will make for a better work environment!

2. It’s easier on sensitive skin
Even if some people are willing to put up with a less-than-ideal smell while their sunless tanning solution dries, they can’t put up with the feeling that all of those chemicals generate on their sensitive skin. So, by opting for organic spray tan equipment — and taking all of those chemicals out of the mix — your business will also instantly appeal to all of the people who want darker skin, but need a gentler way to get it.

3. It can be used with traditional tanning spray guns
Even though organic solution is made a little differently, you won’t have to change all of your tools to take advantage of it. In fact, you can feel free to use it with all of your old tanning spray guns. So, the only change you’ll have to make is in the solution itself — meaning that there’s no extra expense involved. After all, you’d have to buy new solution anyways, so you might as well go organic!

4. It’s just as cost-effective
While we’re on the subject of costs, you’ll be happy to hear that going organic won’t add any more to your spray tan equipment budget. Unlike other organic options (like food, for example), organic airbrush tanning solution costs the same as its traditional counterparts!

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