3 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Mobile Spray Tan Business

Don’t start a mobile spray tan business until you’ve answered these 3 questions.

Starting a mobile spray tan business can be a great way to see fast profits. After all, you don’t have to worry about renting a salon and filling it with employees!
But if you think this is an easy business to master, think again. In fact, before you start, you need to ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. “What will I use to catch overspray?”
No matter how skilled you are or how great your airbrush tanning equipment is, there is going to be some overspray. Unfortunately, your customers won’t exactly be thrilled if you get it all over their bedroom walls or all over their living room sofa. So, you need something that’s strong enough o catch all of that overspray — that also fits in the trunk of your car.
And that’s where a spray tan tent comes in!
When they’re folded up, these tents are teeny-tiny. In fact, they’re flat enough to fit just about anywhere. Then, when you arrive at your client’s house, all you have to do is unfold your spray tan tent. These tents are specially-designed to pop up and be big enough to block any overspray that comes their way.

2. “Do I have different airbrush tanning systems for different customers?”
I’m not talking about having certain equipment for certain skin shades. Instead, I’m talking about having equipment on hand that can handle all kinds of different needs.
For example, some airbrush tanning systems come with chemicals that are specially-designed for people with allergies. Others come with chemicals that don’t have that traditional tanning “smell” so that they don’t offend sensitive noses. Some come with chemicals that are specially-designed to dry quickly — making them the perfect choice for people on the go.
Even though you’re a mobile spray tan business that’s trying to work out of the trunk of your car, you’ve still got to have plenty of options on hand!

3. “Is my airbrush tanning equipment fast and easy to use?”
The longer you struggle with your gun, the longer it’s going to take to get each customer finished. And since you’re driving from one customer to another, you have to make each appointment as efficient as possible. After all, time is money!
That’s why you need to be on the lookout for airbrush tanning equipment that’s powerful enough to work quickly (without being so powerful that you wind up spraying half the room, in addition to your client!). You also need to look for equipment that’s easy to clean. After all, clogs are time-wasters!

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