3 Must-Follow Tips for Your Mobile Spray Tan Business

Believe it or not, professional-grade body spray tanning can be done right in the comfort of a client’s living room, bathroom, or bedroom. But if you’re going to make a living in the mobile spray tan business, you’ve got to follow these 3 tips:

1. Have a streamlined way to set up and take down your equipment
Time is money in every business, but it’s especially crucial in the mobile spray tan business! After all, you can only work with one client at a time, and you have to set up shop in between each appointment (not to mention driving to each client’s home!). In order to make up for all of that lost time, you’ve got to make sure your set up and clean up time is as efficient as a Swiss watch.
How do you do that?
Have the trunk of your car organized from the beginning. If everything is just thrown in there, you’ll wind up wasting time searching for things. Then, have a strategy in place. For example, set up your spray tan tent first, then set out your bottles of solution, etc. By having a routine, it will become so automatic that you’ll be able to do it quickly AND make small talk at the same time!

2. Have a variety of spray tanning solution
Just because you’re doing things on the go doesn’t mean your clients are willing to cut corners. They’re still going to want a particular shade and a particular finished product. That means you’re going to need several types of spray tanning solution with you at all times.
After all, body spray tanning isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Each of your clients may require a solution that’s totally different from the others! If you want to stay in their good graces (and keep the money rolling in), you’ll keep their favorites on hand.

3. Sell “extras” that your clients can apply themselves after you leave
A mobile spray tan business is still a business – which means you can always benefit from an “upsell”. In your case, that means trying to sell things like airbrush tanning lotion. By finding quality lotion that will extend the life of your clients’ tans, it should be relatively easy to sell. And, best of all, you don’t have to spend time applying it! So, you’ll make some extra money without having to devote any time to it.
(As an added benefit, a few bottles of airbrush tanning lotion won’t take up too much room in the trunk of your car!)

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