3 Common Questions About Sunless Tanning Equipment

If you want to have perfectly-bronzed skin — without having to worry about finding the time or the place to lay out — you can get it with sunless tanning equipment.

But if you’re worried that you won’t get the most out of your spray tan solution, use the answers to these 3 common questions to help you figure out which products are right for you:

1. “Which airbrush tanning solution is best?”

This is the number one question when it comes to sunless tanning equipment! However, there’s no easy answer. The best airbrush tanning solution is the one that’s easiest for you to use, that also gives you the results you want.
For example, you might be a tanning pro who can use more complicated equipment. Or, you might be a sunless tanning newbie that needs to start off with the most basic equipment.

That customization goes into the lotion itself, too. For example, you might have a darker skin tone that lends itself well to a chocolate finish. Or, you might have naturally fair skin that’s going to look “fake” if you go too dark.

Bottom line — the best airbrush tanning solution is the one that’s going to give you the most natural-looking results. After all, your goal is to look like you just walked in from the beach!

2. “Can a spray tan solution make me look younger?”


How does it help?

By using sunless tanning equipment, you can cover up things like age spots and existing sun damage. After all, it’s impossible to hide imperfections when you’ve got pasty skin!

Plus, when you use sunless tanning equipment, you’re not subjecting yourself to all of those harmful UV rays. That can actually prevent you from looking “old” in the first place! After all, sun-damaged skin is more likely to develop wrinkles and other issues that can make you look a whole lot older than you really are.

3. “Do I need a spray tan tent?”

If you’re planning on doing your spray tan at home, it’s a great idea to invest in a spray tan tent. After all, you want your spray tan solution to bronze your skin — not everything in the room! Luckily, these special tents are easy to pop up, and they’ll prevent overspray from getting on anything you don’t want it to.

Even if you’re a spray tan professional, you can get some major use out of a spray tan tent. After all, with one, you don’t have to worry about buying a special spray tan booth for your salon!

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