What Makes a GPS Tracking Device So Powerful?

Look carefully, and you’ll see that more and more people are having a GPS tracking device installed in their cars.
But why? What makes this technology so powerful? And what makes it so much more popular than a Lojack?

1. GPS can be activated by anyone
Did you know that a Lojack can only be activated by the police, only after they believe a crime has been committed? So, if you simply want to see where your teenage son is after curfew, a Lojack isn’t going to do you any good.
However, a GPS tracking device doesn’t work that way. Instead, it comes with a special computer login that you can access from anywhere (as long as you have the password). That way, your car’s location is always only a few mouse clicks away. You won’t have to file a police report to get information; you can simply head to your computer any time you’re worried or simply curious.

2. A GPS tracking system doesn’t come with a radius
When you have a Lojack system, you’re limited to a specific tracking radius. If your car travels outside of that radius, the police won’t be able to see it.
Luckily, that’s not an issue with a GPS tracking device.
Instead, you can rely on a GPS tracking system to give you information from anywhere. No matter how far away your car gets, you’ll still be able to track it.

3. GPS tracking and fleet management go hand-in-hand
Unlike a Lojack, GPS tells you a whole lot more about your car than just where it is. You can also see how fast it’s going, whether the engine has been idling for long periods of time, and even if the car needs any kind of maintenance. As a result, GPS tracking and fleet management are a match made in heaven!
Think about it – if you try to keep track of all of your company cars all by yourself, you’ll slowly lose your mind. There are simply too many details to keep straight and too many employees to keep track of.
But when you have a GPS tracking system to help you sort everything out, your job becomes a whole lot easier! You can use the system to help cut down on wasted fuel, cut down on wasted man hours, and even to schedule trips to the repair shop.
It’s like having a personal assistant – without having to make room in the budget to hire someone!

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