How commercial fleet tracking contributes to the trucking industry

Is it possible for one person to have total control of an entire fleet of commercial vehicles at any given time? Sounds almost impossible, but it can be done with the help of a vehicle tracking GPS from gpstrackit .com. Vehicle tracking not only involves tracking the whereabouts of the fleet of vehicles, it can give you complete control over your fleet and help you increase productivity while at the same time reduce costs. This is how commercial fleet tracking contributes to the improvement of the trucking industry:

Increase fuel efficiency

Routing information given by the tracking system can significantly reduce fuel costs because it uses the most efficient route to reach the destination. The real time GPS vehicle tracking facility will enable you to dispatch the vehicle located nearest to a job site and save fuel.

High speed driving is another contributor to high fuel costs. But the information you receive from a vehicle tracking GPS about the driving speeds will allow you to alert the driver to maintain proper speeds.

Fuel costs can be reduced by alerting drivers when their vehicle has been left idling for longer than necessary.

Increasing security and safety

Real time GPS vehicle tracking makes it possible for you to track the exact location of the vehicle in the event it is stolen and it will activate an automatic locking system to ensure safety of the cargo as well as the driver. You will also be alerted when the vehicle is in use during off hours.

The same safety features cannot be provided by Lojack which can only provide information about the whereabouts of the vehicle when it is within the radius of the Lojack system but will lose track if not within radius.

Provide better customer service

The ability to know the exact location of the truck at any given time can put customers who have millions of dollars’ worth of cargo at ease when they can track it themselves.
Commercial fleet tracking allowing you to know the exact location of the vehicles will enable you to send a vehicle to the required location faster by sending the vehicle closest to the location. Also the route mapping ability will ensure that the goods will reach the destination faster.

Better driver behavior

When the drivers know that they are being monitored they will not abuse the use of the vehicle by taking it for personal use. They will also be more careful when driving since all data including driving speeds; vehicle idling data are all relayed to you through the tracking device.

GPS technology has transformed the trucking industry for the better with commercial fleet tracking from and other tracking devices to give benefits for both the truck owners and customers.

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