How GPS fleet tracking can be a great asset to your business

For a business to survive in the present economic climate is not an easy task and if you are a small business it could be even harder. Your business’s future will depend upon how you manage your costs while improving productivity. Technology can play a role in how you achieve this balance and GPS tracking is a solution to the fleet vehicle industry. How can a vehicle tracking system improve productivity of a business?

Reduce fuel costs

The main cost involved in maintaining a fleet of vehicles is the fuel cost. A fleet tracking system from will help reduce fuel costs by:

• Mapping out the shortest route to the delivery destination.

Real time GPS vehicle tracking discourages drivers from using the vehicles for personal use.

• Reduces the time the vehicle will be kept idling by drivers because the information is relayed to the fleet manager.

• Speeding is another cause for increased fuel costs and the information on vehicle speeds relayed to you by the GPS tracking system will enable you to warn drivers to maintain a safe speed.

Get more jobs

Because the vehicle tracking system maps out the shortest route and reroutes if there are delays ahead enable a delivery to be made much faster, and will leave time for more new jobs to be undertaken.

The real time GPS vehicle tracking facility enables you to know the exact location of your fleet at any given time and when there is a new job you can send the vehicle located nearest to the job location to provide a speedy service to the customer.

Provide better customer service

You can also provide improved customer service by providing the customer the ability to track the cargo in real time which will give them ease of mind.

Provide better safety

A GPS tracking system will locate the exact location of the vehicle if it is stolen making recovery of the vehicle easier. It also has a feature where the vehicle can be automatically locked in such a situation to secure the cargo.

Timely vehicle maintenance

Your fleet tracking system will alert you when a routine service is due on a vehicle or when parts, tires and oil need changing. Not attending to these on time could result in the vehicle having a major breakdown and will have to be out of work for a while until repaired. A big repair will cost a lot of money while reducing the productivity of the fleet.

When a customer is happy with the speedy service and added features he will continue to use your services and the business needs to have loyal customers who will keep coming back to you.

Go to to get your vehicle tracking system without delay. It can save your business from going down.

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