GPS tracking can make fleet tracking more efficient

As a fleet manager the challenges you are faced with on a daily basis are endless. You have a large number of vehicles carrying cargo worth millions of dollars travelling nationwide, you need to keep track of where each vehicle is, map the most efficient route to take to reach the destination and to make sure that a driver thousands of miles away is not detouring for personal reasons, keeping track of the hours each driver has worked and the list seems to be endless.

That is why truck tracking using a GPS tracking device is invaluable to efficient fleet management. It enables you to do things like mapping routes in a matter of seconds whereas if done manually it would have taken much longer and may not be that accurate. Here is how the data you receive from GPS tracking can be used to make the management process more efficient:
Exact location of each vehicle in real time:

This will prevent drivers making unwanted detours for personal use which can cost you more on fuel and the wastage of time means your delivery will take longer than it should, leaving you with an unsatisfied client.

You can also provide better customer service by giving them exact details of where their cargo is.

Tracking is important for security of the vehicle, if it is stolen you can identify the exact location and track the vehicle immediately yourself and inform the police in the area unlike with Lo Jack where if police in the area where your vehicle is located is not Lo jack enabled they will not be able to track the vehicle.
Route mapping and Fuel efficiency
A GPS tracking device will map the shortest and most efficient way to reach your destination. It will keep you updated and if there are delays on the route taken it will find alternate routes to use which will save time and reduce fuel costs.

Information of vehicle idling time and high speed driving will help increase fuel efficiency.
Speeds and safety
GPS tracking will send information of the speeds at which the vehicle is travelling. If going at dangerous speeds you can inform the driver and they will be more careful with the knowledge that they are being closely monitored.
Mileage reports with ProMiles
GPS tracking solution integrated with ProMiles from will automatically calculate the state mileage data required for state and federal tax purposes. This is much more efficient and accurate than relying on driver logs to manually calculate the data.

Now that you know what it can do, if you do not already have GPS truck tracking installed, go to to get it immediately and make your business more successful.

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