Reasons why GPS is a better vehicle tracking system

If you have a fleet of vehicles and want to install a vehicle tracking system to monitor your fleet you have several options to choose from including GPS tracking and Lojack. Here are some goods reasons why you should select GPS tracking systems over Lojack.

You have control of the system
With a GPS vehicle tracking system from you can do real time vehicle tracking at any given time whereas with Lojack it can only be activated by police who are equipped with special equipment and this too will only be done if there is probable cause to believe that there has been a crime involved. Therefore with Lojack you will not have any information as to whether the drivers are deviating from the route for their personal use and as a result not being able to efficiently manage the fleet.

Easier to locate a stolen vehicle
With GPS tracking which is satellite enabled there are no restrictions with regard to radius as in with Lojack. With GPS if the vehicle is stolen you can immediately track the vehicle with real time tracking and inform the police of the whereabouts of the vehicle whereas with Lojack if the vehicle is not within the radius of the tracking device you will not be able to track the vehicle.

Gives more information for better fleet management
GPS are not only vehicle tracking systems they provide you with information about the maintenance of the vehicle such as when the oil changes are due and when it should be taken for its service. It will also alert you when the vehicle is in need of any repair or maintenance and you will not have to wait until the vehicle actually breaks down which will result in a bigger and more costlier repair.

You can increase fuel efficiency of the vehicle by using the information from the GPS tracking system such as the shortest delivery route information, the speeds at which the vehicle is driven, if the drivers are taking the vehicle for personal use and such information.

GPS vehicle tracking systems integrated with ProMiles from will calculate the mileage of the vehicle which is necessary for state and federal tax purposes as well as preparing salary sheets. This is more efficient than doing it manually by relying on driver logs. The ProMiles software will also track fuel usage to increase fuel efficiency.

Lojack on the other hand will not be able to provide you with any of the above information and can only provide information regarding the location of the vehicle.

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