Benefits of Using GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

If you have a fleet of vehicles and do not already have GPS tracking it will be interesting for you to know that it can help reduce costs, get more work orders and help manage the fleet better. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing a tracking system:

Reduce labor costs
When using vehicle tracking systems you are able to monitor your drivers all the time and this can help in reducing idle time and drivers rerouting to attend to personal matters and making unwanted stops. It has been proved that monitoring can reduce over $5,000 per employee per year.

Improve productivity
When the staff is being strictly monitored and there is less idle time and time wasted, it leaves time for more jobs to be undertaken thus improving your business.
Reduce fuel costs

The rising cost of fuel is of major concern when it comes to fleet management. Installing a vehicle tracking system will provide you with real time operation data such as driving speeds and idling times and this information can be used to make the drivers more fuel efficient.
You can also map the shortest and most effective route to the delivery destination which will reduce your fuel costs as well as making the delivery faster.

Prevent theft
Since GPS tracking uses a satellite transmission, you can identify the exact location of your vehicle at any given time making it possible for a stolen vehicle to be tracked down immediately. This system is far more efficient than LoJack which uses a radio transmission system which can only be detected by police officers who are equipped with the special devices required to receive the transmission. Since there are not many police officers who are equipped with LoJack devices if the stolen vehicle happens to be in an area where there are no such police officers the chances are that the vehicle will go out of the transmission radius before the police can track them and it will be very difficult to track the vehicle thereafter. Getting a suitable fleet management package from will help ensure the safety of your fleet.

Provide better customer service
The enhanced efficiency of the delivery service which is possible with a tracking system means customers are satisfied because the goods are delivered faster. Customers can also be updated on the exact location of the goods at any time.

Lower insurance fees
Insurance companies provide a discount for all vehicles fitted with a GPS tracking system.

When you look at all the benefits that vehicle tracking systems give you, the cost you incur to install it is well and truly justified. Go to now to get yours.

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