Brand Name Laptop Parts for a Competitive Price

More and more people are working from non conventional workplaces. Some people prefer parks or a coffee shop. Others like to work in the library. If you are a person who works from a non-conventional space, your laptop has to have enough battery power because you may not have access to an electrical outlet.

The laptops are made to use in non-conventional workplaces. They have all the features of a desktop computer but they can be carried in your hand anywhere you want. The mobility of laptop is possible because of its battery power. Over the years, the power of laptop batteries has improved. The modern day laptop batteries can last over ten hours compared to a little over one hour in the early laptops. Apart from limited battery power, they were also heavy. The old laptops came with a full keyboard. However, the heavy laptops made portability difficult. The lightweight notebook became popular as a solution to the weight problem.

The notebook charger is helpful when traveling because it is not built into the laptop. It is an external piece of equipment and it can be carried anywhere. As it is an external, removable equipment, it doesn’t make the notebook heavy.

The laptops get power supply from AC adaptors. It is a box like part attached to a cord. One end of the cord can be connected to an electrical outlet and the other end to the laptop. The AC adapter gets direct current from the wall outlet and then converts it to the alternate current suitable for the electronic device. Simple Micro is a good place to buy a Dell 65W AC adapter. This lightweight charger can be used anywhere. If you visit the company’s website at, you will see a wide range of brand name products at a competitive price.

If your laptop needs a faster adapter then you can order Dell 90W AC Adapter from Simple Micro. Dell 65W AC adapter and the Dell 90W AC Adapter both can charge a laptop battery and both are lightweight. If you have a Dell laptop, by using Dell product as a notebook charger will be good for the smooth function of the equipment. carries a wide variety of brand name laptop accessories for competitive prices. If your laptop is Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, HP or Sony you can shop for parts at one place. The company also sells parts for cameras and power tools.

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