How to extend the battery life of your Sony Vaio battery

The main attraction of a laptop computer is its portability. But when you constantly have to plug in to a power supply to charge your Dell battery, the advantages you once had are no longer there and you find yourself totally restricted with the use of your laptop computer. It is normal for a laptop battery or a Lenovo ac adaptor to lose its efficiency after a period of time. But does this mean that you have to resign to this fact and live with the restrictions? There are things you can do to extend the efficiency and life of your battery, such as these:
• Do not let the battery drain completely.

With the new lithium ion batteries included in most laptops, it is not good to let the Sony Vaio battery fully discharge as you lessen the number of times it can be recharged due to the stress caused to the battery.
This is an important point to note since with earlier type of batteries where letting the battery fully discharge increased its efficiency. So make sure of the type of battery used in your laptop by logging on to which sells a range of discount laptop batteries and laptop accessories.

• Defrag regularly

Regular defragging will increase the efficiency of your hard drive which will work faster therefore putting less strain on your Dell battery, which will make the battery last longer. When defragging make sure not to do it while on battery power.

• Hibernate is better than standby

Keeping the computer on standby is convenient for you as you can start off from where you left but it is better for your Sony Vaio battery to let it hibernate when it will not be used for a while as this will save your PC’s state as it is, and completely shut itself down. This uses far less battery power than having it on standby mode and putting less stress on the battery.

• Store the battery when not in use

If the laptop is not going to be a used for a few weeks, remove the battery and store it in a cool dry place without keeping it in the computer as it will drain too much.

• Dim the screen

Dim the backlight to the minimum level that is comfortable for your eyes, as the screen light is one of the main reasons for battery draining. You could ask the experts at Simple Micro advice on how you can save your battery.

Taking care of your battery will increase longevity of your battery but when the time does come for you to replace it visit to get discount laptop batteries for any brand of computer or any other computer accessory such as a Lenovo ac adaptor or a new Lenovo computer.

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