Vehicle Tracking – Should You Opt for GPS Tracking or Lojack

Luckily, modern technology has given us several options for tracking our cars – whether we need a way to keep track of employees in company cars, or we simply want to make sure that our teenage kids take care of the family car on a Saturday night. Two of the most popular choices for vehicle tracking are a Lojack system and a GPS tracking device.

So, which one is better?

If you’re hoping to get the most benefits from your vehicle tracking system, you need to opt for a GPS tracking device. Here’s why:

– A Lojack system can only be activated by the police
When you’ve got a Lojack on your car, you’ll only be able to track it when a police officer logs in – meaning that you’ll only get the information once a crime has occurred. With a GPS tracking device, on the other hand, you can log into your account right from your home computer anytime you want.

That way, even if your car hasn’t been involved in a crime, you can still see where it is.

Making things worse, you may not be able to get your Lojack information as quickly as you’d like. Since you’ll be dependent on the police’s schedule, it could be hours before an officer gets around to your case!

– A Lojack system has a limited tracking range

If you’re looking for a vehicle tracking system that can keep tabs on your car no matter where it is, then you need a GPS tracking device. That’s because a Lojack can only track your car within a few miles. Once your car travels out of this range, Lojack won’t be able to tell you anything.

Luckily, a GPS tracking device can tell you exactly where your car is – whether it’s on the other side of town, or on the other side of the country!

– A GPS tracking device comes with all sorts of “extras”

GPS isn’t just used for vehicle tracking purposes; these systems are capable of so much more. For example, you can use GPS tracking as a navigational tool, thanks to its turn-by-turn direction capabilities. You can even use a GPS tracking device to remind you to schedule routine maintenance appointments – like oil changes and tire rotations. Some GPS tracking systems will even alert you when your car isn’t functioning properly – like when you have a fluid leak or low tire pressure. Lojack can’t do any of that for you!

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