The Best Vehicle Tracking System Comes with These 3 Things

Not sure what makes one vehicle tracking system better than another? The good ones come with these 3 things.

If you’ve been spending some time shopping for a vehicle tracking system, you’ve heard all of the perks and sales copy. But what really sets one model apart from the others?
These 3 things:

1. ProMiles
If you ever use your car for business purposes, you’ll love ProMiles. It’s a computer program that keeps track of all your business travel expenses and business miles that you’ve traveled. That way, when tax time comes around, you won’t be fumbling for receipts and other documents. Instead, everything will be packaged up in a neat little ProMiles bundle. All you have to do is take that information, punch it into your tax return, and you’ll wind up with the perfect deductions for your state, city, etc.
And speaking of deductions, ProMiles knows all about them! It is specially-designed to keep up with all of the latest IRS rules and regulations. That way, you’ll never have to worry about landing in the IRS’ crosshairs!

2. Fleet GPS tracking capabilities
If you’re looking for a vehicle tracking system that will work wonders for your company cars, make sure it’s a special GPS fleet tracking system.
What makes fleet GPS tracking systems different?
In addition to giving you turn-by-turn directions and up-to-the-minute location information, a GPS fleet tracking system can also alert you to maintenance issues — both routine and unexpected. That way, you can set up a schedule for all of your cars’ trips to the shop. As a result, you won’t have to worry about having a ton of vehicles in the shop for oil changes all at the same time — meaning that your employees will be able to work more efficiently.
Plus, a GPS fleet vehicle tracking system can also tell you certain things about your employees’ driving habits — like if they speed, if they peel out of intersections, and even if they let their engines sit idly for long periods of time. If your employees know that you have access to all of that information, they’ll take much better care of the company cars!

3. Easy access
Whether you’re getting a vehicle tracking system for each of your company cars or you’re getting one for the family minivan, it has to be easy to use. Ideally, you should be able to log in to your account from any computer and instantly see the most updated information available. That way, whether your delivery truck driver is missing appointments or your son is late for curfew, you’ll know where he is!

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