Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking – 4 Things You Can Get Out of It

Ever wonder what a vehicle tracking system can do for you? If you think that real time GPS vehicle tracking only gives you basic things, like turn-by-turn directions, think again! With the right GPS tracking system, you can get a ton of different perks out of it, including:

1. A way to keep track of your employees

With real time GPS vehicle tracking, all you have to do is log onto your account, and you can instantly see where your car is. That way, if you have a delivery truck driver who tends to take the company vehicle on personal errands, you’ll know. Or, if you have a salesman who’s always late for appointments, you can see where he’s going instead.

Don’t have any employees? Instead, use your GPS tracking system to keep a watchful eye on your teenage son when he borrows you car on a Saturday night!

2. Access to ProMiles

While we’re on the subject of company cars, it’s important to point out that a good GPS tracking system will come with ProMiles – a program specifically designed to keep track of tax information and business-related travel expenses. With ProMiles, all you need to do is print out the information and attach it to your tax return. It’s set up to identify all possible deductions, so that you get the most out of your company car.

3. Information about how your car is being treated

A real time GPS vehicle tracking system doesn’t just show you where your car is. It can also show you what speed it’s going or even whether or not it’s been idling for too long. That way, you can see if your car is being driven responsibly or if your gas is being wasted. Whether you just have one personal car or you own a fleet of company cars, having access to this information can save you a ton of money!

4. Help keeping track of your car’s maintenance

Your vehicle tracking system won’t just tell you about what kind of shape your car is in at this exact moment. It will also tell you whether or not your car needs any kind of maintenance. Whether it’s an overdue oil change, tires that need more air in them, or a sudden problem in the engine, a sophisticated GPS tracking system can remind you to schedule routine maintenance appointments and alert you to problems that need immediate attention.

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