Need a Vehicle Tracking System? Opt for GPS over Lojack

Trying to pick the right vehicle tracking system? Most people are torn between GPS and Lojack. However, a GPS tracking system offers several benefits over Lojack, including:

1. Real time GPS vehicle tracking works, no matter where your car is

This is, by far, the biggest reason to pick real time GPS vehicle tracking over a Lojack system. Lojack can only track your car in a radius of a few miles. If your car is more than a few miles away, you won’t be able to see it in Lojack’s system. So, if it takes the police awhile to respond to your stolen car, your car could be out of Lojack’s range by the time they try to look for it!

But with a GPS tracking system, you don’t have to worry about that. That’s because a GPS vehicle tracking system can locate your car, no matter how far away it is. Whether it’s down the street or on its way across the border, you’ll be able to see its location on your computer!

2. GPS works in real time

A real time GPS vehicle tracking system makes it easy to see right where you car is, anytime you want! A GPS vehicle tracking system can give you peace of mind when your teenage son is out in the car on a Saturday night, or it can make it easy to find your car if it’s ever stolen. When you use GPS, there’s not any kind of delay. As soon as you access your account, you’ll be able to see exactly where your car is, right at this precise moment.

3. You can access a GPS tracking system on your home computer

If you have a Lojack system, it can only be activated by the police – meaning that it will only come in handy if some type of crime has been committed. And even then, you’ll have to wait for an office to respond and log into your Lojack account. In the process, you’re losing valuable time!

If you have a GPS tracking system, you can activate it from anywhere there’s an internet connection – even your own home computer! That way, as soon as you realize that something is amiss, you can log in and see what’s going on with your car. You won’t have to wait for the police – meaning you can take advantage of your vehicle tracking system even if a crime hasn’t been committed.

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