GPS Tracking vs. Lojack – Which One is Better

If you’ve seen the commercials over the years, you probably think that a Lojack device is almost magical. After all, it can help you locate your car after some horrible thief has taken off with it! But the truth is, a Lojack system isn’t always the best way to find your car.

In fact, if your car ever does get stolen, you’re better off having a GPS tracking device than a Lojack.
Here’s why:

1. You can activate your GPS tracking device yourself
In many cases, you can link your GPS tracking device right to your home computer. By logging into your account, you can click on a few things, and – just like that – your car’s location will pop up on the screen. Unfortunately, a Lojack system can only be activated by the police. By the time the police get around to it, your car could be long gone.

Making things even worse, a Lojack system only works within a short range – usually only a few miles. If your car is on its way to Mexico or onto a barge, or even sitting in a chop shop in the next county, Lojack isn’t going to help you find it. Luckily, vehicle tracking with GPS isn’t confined to just a couple of miles.

2.GPS tracking doesn’t have to be professionally installed
With a Lojack system, you don’t just have to pay for the system itself; you also have to pay someone to professionally install it. With GPS tracking, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Instead, most GPS tracking systems are easy enough to install yourself – which saves you some valuable money.

3. A GPS tracking device does a whole lot more than track down stolen cars

When you buy a Lojack device, you are spending a ton of money for something that will only come in handy on the off chance that your car is ever stolen. However, with a GPS tracking device, you’re getting a whole lot more bang for your buck.

For example, when your teenage son takes the car out on a Friday night, you can use vehicle tracking with GPS to make sure he’s really heading over to his friend’s house – instead of to some shady nightclub. Or, you can use your GPS tracking device to make sure that your employees aren’t using their company cars for personal things.A Lojack can’t give you that peace of mind!

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