Fleet Tracking Systems – Why Lo Jack Isn’t the Answer

Good fleet tracking systems don’t just rely on honest employees to take care of their cars. After all, not all employees do right by their company cars, and for every one that’s mistreated, it’s money right out of your pocket – whether you’re dealing with unnecessary repairs, gas that’s being used for personal needs, or simply putting your business’ investment at risk.

It’s easy to see why good fleet vehicle tracking systems take advantage of some kind of tracking device. However, Lo Jack isn’t the right choice. Here’s why:

1. It only works within a certain radius

As helpful as Lo Jack can be a pinpointing your car’s location, it can only do it when your car is in a specific radius – usually, only a few miles. If your company car travels too far from the transmitter, you won’t be able to see where it is. So, if you have employees that take their cars all over the state or region, you won’t be able to keep tabs on them.

2. It can only be activated by the police

As important as fleet management is to you, it’s not really a police matter! Unfortunately, though, all Lo Jack information can only be accessed by the police. So, if one of your employees goes AWOL for the afternoon in the company car, you won’t be able to see where he is.
And, even if you think one of your company cars has been stolen, activating its Lo Jack system may wind up at the bottom of your local police department’s list – especially if there are other, more serious crimes to deal with first.

3. It doesn’t give you any information other than location

A Lo Jack system is good for one thing – telling you where your car is. After it does that, there’s nothing more that a Lo Jack device can do for you.

However, good GPS tracing devices can help you a whole lot more from a fleet management standpoint. That’s because they can tell you how your car is being treated at this exact moment – like whether your company car is obeying the speed limit, whether it’s peeling out of parking lots, or if the engine has been sitting and idling for a long time. Plus, a good GPS tracking system can even tell you when your cars need to go into the shop for routine maintenance – like oil changes and tune ups. That way, part of your fleet management duties can be on “autopilot”!

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