Fleet Management — 4 Reasons Why It’s Easier with GPS

Fleet management is so much easier when you take advantage of a GPS device. Here’s why:

1. It gives you turn-by-turn directions
When your employees are out on the road, time is money. If they get late and miss sales appointments or deliveries, you could wind up losing clients.
Luckily, a good GPS tracking device can make sure that your employees never get lost!
With it, even your newest employees will be able to find their way around town with ease. And, they’ll be able to do it without printing out directions, calling you and asking for help, or fumbling around with a giant map.

2. It gives you location information in real time
Wondering why Bill takes such long lunch breaks? Want to know why Sandy spent so long at that meeting?
If you think your employees may be lying to you about their whereabouts, GPS fleet tracking devices can clear up any confusion. By having one installed on each car, you can see exactly where everyone is – and make sure everyone is where they say they are.
If you think it sounds sneaky, think again. Remember, as the boss, these are your cars. You’re paying for the gas and the insurance. If employees are using company cars for personal use, they’re wasting company resources, and you need to know about it!
Luckily, a GPS fleet tracking device can give you all of the location information you need in real time, just with a simple log in to your computer.

3. It tells you how your cars are being treated
A big part of fleet management is keeping your company cars in working order. That usually means making sure your employees are treating them with respect. But since you can’t ride shotgun 24/7, you have to come up with other ways to protect your cars.
And that’s where a GPS tracking device comes in!
It can tell you how fast your car is going, if it’s peeling out of parking lots, sitting idle for too long, and all kinds of other things.

4. It comes with Promiles
If your company is run like most, your employees are going to spend at least some of their time out on the road travelling for work. Since all of those travel expenses can be tough to keep track of, you’ll be happy to hear that a good GPS system comes with Promiles.
What does that mean?
Promiles is a computer system that keeps track of business travel miles and expenses – and even calculates them according to your local tax regulations. That way, when tax time rolls around, you don’t have to worry about adding up (or missing!) anything.

Wish your company could take advantage of this technology? Just visit gpstrackit.com!

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