4 Things You Can Get from a Good Vehicle Tracking System

If you’ve got a fleet of company cars, your job is to keep them running as efficiently as possible. But since you can’t ride around with your employees 24/7, you need some help — and that’s where GPS fleet tracking comes in.
Here’s what a good vehicle tracking system can do for your business:

1. Tell you exactly where your car is
Worried that your new salesman is lost in an unfamiliar town? Curious as to why your delivery trucks always seem to come back late? With a GPS fleet tracking system, you don’t have to sit around and wonder what’s going on. Instead, you can simply log into your account, and with a few clicks of your mouse, see exactly where your car is — and where it’s headed.
As a result, you can see if employees are making personal stops when they shouldn’t be, or you can help your employees get “un-lost”.

2. Keep track of your travel expenses
If you hate keeping track of all your business miles and other travel expenses — and you’re always afraid that you’re going to overlook something come tax time — you’ll love ProMiles.
It’s available as an extra on your vehicle tracking system, and it can be well worth every penny! That’s because ProMiles is set to keep track of all your business travel expenses. It even knows what the federal and local tax regulations are in your area, so you’ll never have to worry about landing in hot water with the IRS.

3. Encourage your employees to slow down
Every time your employees go speeding down the road, they’re putting extra wear and tear on your company cars — not to mention risking higher insurance premiums if they get pulled over. By placing a fleet GPS tracking system on each car, your employees will know that you’ll have the power to see their every move. As a result, they’ll be a whole lot less likely to turn your local streets into their own personal race track.

4. Help you schedule your routine maintenance appointments
The last thing you need is a fleet of company cars that all need to go into the shop at the same time. But by having a fleet GPS tracking system that alerts you to routine maintenance needs (like tire rotations, oil changes, and tune ups), you can space out all of those trips to the shop.
Plus, a good vehicle tracking system will remember to tell you about any issues. Your employees may forget!

Take care of your company cars the right way, by tapping into the power of gpstrackit.com!

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