3 Zebra Printers Your Business Cant Afford to Do Without

If you want to run a successful business, just having the right computer software isn’t good enough. You also need a way to transfer information onto paper — whether it’s a price tag, a shipping label, or a customer invoice. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable way to print your documents, you need Zebra printers.

And, depending on what your specific business needs are, there are 3 popular Zebra printers to choose from:

1. Zebra barcode label printers

Whether you’re selling products in your brick and mortar store, taking them to the local trade show or street fair to sell, or are shipping products to other vendors that will sell them for you, you have to have a clear price on them. After all, if people don’t know how much your products are, they’re never going to buy them!

Luckily, Zebra barcode label printers make it easy to attach clear and sturdy barcodes. That way, whether they’re sitting your store or being shipped halfway around the world, you can count on your barcodes to be legible and firmly attached to the product. By having easy-to-read barcodes on all of your products, both customers and cashiers will be able to deal with them.

2. Zebra thermal desktop printers

Need to print out more than just a barcode? Zebra thermal desktop printers allow you to print everything from shipping labels to small invoices. And, because these printers only handle documents that are less than 4 inches wide, they can be kept anywhere — whether you need it on your desk or next to your cash register!

As an added benefit Zebra thermal desktop printers come with three different connections, so that you can easily hook them up to your existing equipment. And, they print things quickly — so you’ll be able to spit out your documents in a matter of seconds!

3. Zebra mobile label printers

Whether you need to print out receipts at cash-on deliveries or you need to print out customer tickets outside, Zebra mobile label printers can do it for you. These printers are small enough to hold in one hand, and since they don’t rely on electricity, you can use them anywhere — from a client’s doorstep, to a booth at a street fair, to the side of the road! You can even have one on hand so that you can still do business during power outages!

There are a variety of different models to choose from, but all Zebra mobile label printers come with a special design that weighs less than a pound. They’re perfect for companies on the go — and they’ll even fit in your pocket!

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