3 Dos and Donts for Successful Fleet Management

Whether you’re a business owner or just in charge of fleet management for your company, keeping track of a fleet of company cars is tough. If you don’t have a way to streamline the process, you’ll never be able to keep everything straight.

If you want to make your job a whole lot easier, take advantage of these 3 dos and don’ts:

1. DO take advantage of ProMiles
Hate tallying up miles and expenses every year for your company’s tax returns? With ProMiles, you can skip all of that hassle! ProMiles uses state-of-the-art technology to keep track of business miles traveled and other travel-related business expenses. It’s designed to think of all possible deductions, so that you don’t overlook something – and wind up paying the IRS money that you don’t have to.
Plus, ProMiles is so sophisticated that it will organize everything for you – so that all you have to do is log in, get the information, and attach it to your tax return. How easy is that?!

2. DON’T worry about getting a Lojack for each car
If part of your fleet management duties includes keeping track of cars’ locations at all times, don’t bother with a LoJack. Unfortunately, a Lojack system can only be activated by the police – meaning that you won’t be able to use it to see where your late delivery truck driver is or where your company car is over the weekend.
As an added disadvantage, Lojack’s technology only allows it to locate cars within a specific distance (usually within a few miles). So, if your company car is ever stolen, it may very well be out of tracking range before the police activate your Lojack.

3. DO invest in a GPS tracking device for each car
Just because Lojack isn’t a good choice doesn’t mean that your fleet management can’t benefit from other tracking devices. In fact, it’s well worth your money to put a GPS tracking device in each one of your company cars. That’s because a GPS tracking device can do so much more than a Lojack.
Like what?
A GPS tracking device can be accessed anytime of the day or night, by anyone with the right password. If you need to know where one of your company cars is, you just need to log in – instead of going to the police.
Plus, a good GPS tracking device can even keep track of your car’s maintenance. That way, it will be easy to schedule oil changes, rotate tires, and do everything else you need to keep your company cars running at optimum speed!

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