Why Eternity Rings Make the Best Anniversary Gifts

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Eternity rings are a gorgeous symbol of the eternal love a man has for his wife. Usually given from man to woman on a special anniversary, these rings are a gorgeous addition to her precious and sentimental jewelry collection from the love of her life. Whether the anniversary is for 10, 25 or even 50 years of marriage, the anniversary ring symbolizes an undying devotion two people have for one another.

Like any 14k CZ jewelry, the eternity ring is meant to last forever. The story behind the design of the eternity ring is absolutely beautiful. Eternity rings are set with same-sized stones all around the band. It has no beginning and no end unlike the design of an engagement ring designed to impress the lady with a large gem. This is an indication to a long time lover that that true love lasts forever, and his love shall always remain the same.

Often times shoppers are looking for something worthy to grace their lover’s hand and they want it to last as long as their love for one another. Cubic zirconia is one of the best quality imitation stones that you can find. Their evenness of color and clarity give an astounding look that looks indistinguishable from a real diamond to the naked eye. They are nearly just as hard as a diamond on the hardness scale scoring a 8.5 out of 10.

They rival diamonds in how they sparkle considering their score on the light refraction scale is also quite high. The science tells how wonderful a cubic zirconia ring can be, and for a fraction of the price. Buying cubic zirconia directly from a manufacturer takes the cost out of using a middle man and allows you to purchase the most gorgeous ring you can buy for your lovely wife.

The precious metals of gold, silver or platinum used in the eternity ring should be stamped to certify the karat of the jewelry. High quality is something you should expect from your jewelry provider. Often times, if the provider has the faith they should in the durability of their jewelry, they will offer a warranty for one to two years to ensure you get what you are paying for.

Cubic zirconia gems are of such high quality that these warranties should cover against chipping and scratching. With proper care, the best cubic zirconia engagement rings and eternity ring should shine for years. Trusted ring providers can manufacture their cubic zirconia right in their own shops to drop the price for the same quality stone at fractions of what it would otherwise cost.

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