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Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Looking for a ring that brings back the look and feel of days long past? Something unique, but also affordable? Then you should try a cushion cut cubic zirconia ring. The cushion cut is a cross between the minor cut (an antique cut popular in the late 19th through the early 20th century) and the […]

Why Eternity Rings Make the Best Anniversary Gifts

Guest post is provided by Chic Jewelry, seller of pieces like the 3 stone cubic zirconia¬† ring. Visit their website for more information. Eternity rings are a gorgeous symbol of the eternal love a man has for his wife. Usually given from man to woman on a special anniversary, these rings are a gorgeous addition […]

3 Things That Affect Your Coin Value

If you’re collecting gold coins for investment purposes, you need to make sure that the value of your collection is as high as it can be. That means you’ll have to pay close attention to these 3 things: 1. Where your gold coins came from Even novice coin collectors know that gold coins that are […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Gold Collection

If you’re opting to invest in precious metals — instead of real estate and stocks — that’s a smart decision. After all, things like gold and silver are always going to be valuable, no matter what the economy does. But before you get too comfortable with your gold collection, ask yourself these 3 questions. The […]

3 Types of Antique Coin Jewelry That Make the Biggest Fashion Statement

Let’s face it — unless you have a really bold piece of jewelry, you’re not going to have people oohing and ahhing over it. If you want your jewelry to take center stage, get some antique coin jewelry. In fact, these 3 types can turn any outfit into a big fashion statement: 1. Atocha coin […]

4 Things to Know Before You Buy Antique Coin Jewelry

Buying antique coin jewelry is totally different than buying any other type of jewelry. After all, you can’t just head to the mall and get it! Instead, you need to shop carefully — which means you need to follow these 4 tips: 1. Shop by story — not just by price The best thing about […]

3 Questions Good Coin Dealers Can Answer

Whether you’re looking to assess the coin value of your existing collection or you’re looking to add new pieces to your portfolio, you’ve got to find the right coin dealers to do business with. And the only way to tell if your coin dealer is worth his salt is to ask him these 3 questions: […]

3 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in Gold Bullion Coins

Having a collection of gold bullion coins can give you peace of mind in a world where traditional investment options — like stocks, bonds, and real estate — are getting more and more risky by the day. But before you go “all in” and invest solely in gold bullion coins, there are 3 questions that […]

Ancient Coin Jewelry — 3 Things You Need to Know About It

Buying ancient coin jewelry is a major investment — but one that can give you something to treasure for generations. But before you hand over your hard-earned cash, there are 3 things you’ve got to know about this jewelry: 1. The story behind each piece is crucial Aside from being beautiful ancient coin jewelry is […]

3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Gold Coin Jewelry

If you’re buying gold coin jewelry, you’ve got to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You’ll be able to see if you are by getting the answers to these 3 questions: 1. “What century is it from?” The price of your gold coin jewelry is going to depend largely on […]