3 Questions to Ask Before You Invest in Gold Bullion Coins

Having a collection of gold bullion coins can give you peace of mind in a world where traditional investment options — like stocks, bonds, and real estate — are getting more and more risky by the day.

But before you go “all in” and invest solely in gold bullion coins, there are 3 questions that you need to ask yourself:

1. “Can I afford gold?”

The price of gold keeps going up and up — a great thing if you’ve got a portfolio chock full of it! However, those record gold prices can also make it difficult to break into the gold market. You may have to pick between having a few select gold bullion coins or a variety of other stuff. Either way can work; just make sure you’re comfortable with your decision.

And remember — it’s not just you who can’t afford to buy endless amounts of gold. With such high prices, the pool of buyers for your gold bullion coins will be smaller than other precious metals if you ever decide to sell off your collection. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s something you need to be well aware of.

2. “Do I want to add some historic value to my portfolio?”

A lot of gold bullion coins have historical significance, but they’re certainly not the only precious metals that do! In fact, lots of veteran coin collectors are most impressed by an array of silver dollars. That’s because silver dollars mark the history of America. Over the years, they’ve been minted with various faces and designs on them to reflect what was going on in the U.S. at the time.

If you’re looking for a collection of real historical gems, you might be better off looking for rare silver dollars, instead of looking solely at gold. They’re beautiful and affordable, so you can wind up with quite the collection! And, as an added benefit, you’ll probably have a bigger pool of buyers to choose from if you ever decide to sell them!

3. “Are there other precious metals I should be taking advantage of?”

Aside from gold and silver, there are other precious metals that can make up a good investment portfolio. In fact, you might not think of some precious metals right off the bat — like platinum or palladium — but a good coin dealer has. They’ll have rarer precious metals to choose from so that you can make your portfolio as well-rounded as you want!

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